My library has made a positive impact in my life by:
    -[offering] children's programs designed to teach children, entertain them, and expand their reading and creative skills.
    -providing Internet services and a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
    -offering adult enrichment courses such as photography.
I travel to several different states and maintain library memberships in Florida, Wyoming and Michigan.  I would be lost without a library nearby.

         - Janice K. Finn

My library has helped me to meet new people, learn something new, homeschool my children, find a book to enjoy, and encourage a child to love to read.

         - Allen Yenior

My library finds for me most of the obscure and unusual books that I ask for.

         - Patricia Warner

Because I value my privacy and this letter is from "anonymous", it may not count as credible.  However, I appreciate being able to tell someone how much I appreciate the library in my community.  The library helped me to transition emotionally through a difficult life-changing experience.  After an abrupt move from busy city-living to isolated country-living, the library soothed my frazzled nerves by allowing me access to the many books in the many libraries in Michigan.  This vast array of information kept me sane while adjusting to my now happy and content country life.  Some books helped me with my emotional health and others with my physical health.  Some helped me learn computer skills, do my taxes and even taught me to cook and bake healthy recipes.  I still rely on books from the library to keep my mind active and excited about all the learning possibilities the library has made available to me.  Thanks to all involved.

         - Anonymous

Books are my outlet and passion.  I read to go to other places and get away from worries and concerns.  I have enjoyed this library for years and will continue to do so forever.  Thank you!

         - Lynn Savage

I am sixty-six and have used this library ever since I was a kid.  My husband is going to be 75 this year and a couple of years ago I finally got him to start reading.  He has checked out lots of books and finished all of them.  Now I bring my great-granddaughter to the library.  She is only three but loves to go to the library.

         - Judy Berry

Originally from a different area, the library was one of the first places we sought out.  The staff is so friendly and calls us by name.  We are able to check out books or use computers to learn how to do new things, especially cookbooks for me.  The library has helped me with resources for book reports and projects for school.  I bring my niece and nephew to the library when they come to visit me.

         - Cassandra Verellen

The library helped me because I am able to get on [computer] sites to meet new people and make friends.  I am able to search for books when I can't find them on the shelves.

         - Dean E. Hull, Jr.

When our son, Steven was young, he went to story hour.  Mrs. Ruth Bailey was the librarian and he called her "Aunt Bailey".
         - Jean Sturtevant

I found a book I needed for my [e-reader] device.

         - Amberlea Bell

The employees are cheerful and very helpful.  I appreciate everything the library has to offer.
         - Noreen Flood