Minutes of the meeting of the Tawas City Library Friends

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Our Library – “Almost Barnes and Noble”


Attending:  (14) Lou Ann Banning, Vicki VanSipe, Lynne Bigelow, Terri Stein, Michelle Crossley, Tara Western, Betty Kingsbury, Sue Kingsbury, Marie Girard, Sharon Bird, Stephanie Mallak-Olson, Dan Stock. Deb DeBois and Barb Ritsema.


I           Called to order at 5 pm by Marie Girard.

II         Adoption of Agenda – Motion by Sharon Bird, second by Michelle Crossley.  Motion carried.

III        Minutes of the November 6, 2014 meeting were presented.  Motion made by Sue Kingsbury and seconded by Sue Kingsbury to accept the minutes.  Motion carried.

IV        Treasurer’s Report was presented by Marie in Joanne Hlinka’s absence for November.    Lou Ann Banning made a motion to accept the report, it was seconded by Sharon Bird.   Motion carried. 

V.        Old Business  

A.        Bookshelf Bingo – Sue Kingsbury reported on the changes from last year.  Article will be placed in the local paper.  Good job by the committee to make the program easier and more appealing.      

B.        TCLF Bookmark – Tara has drafted a generic bookmark but is leaving Tuesday for winter.  Terri to work on the proof to take to Michael Jacot for printing.

C.        Reminder that dues are due.

D.        Reminder that TCLF Christmas Party will be on Thursday, December 11th at Marie Girard’s at 6 pm. BYOB and either an appetizer or dessert.  Spouses are invited.

E.         Thanks to all book store workers and cleaners for November. 

VI.       New Business

A.             Back Room Organization Committee – Sue Kingsbury and Marie Girard will be in charge.  The Fire Department wants to pick up the stove, counter top, sink, etc.  Sue Kingsbury will be in Monday to start boxing up the TCLF’s materials so that the Fire Department can come in.  TCLF thanks the District for the funding to allow for the renovation to create a conference room from the former kitchen.  If the proposed renovations is under the $10,000, we can have the electrical system checked out.                  

B.             The letter from the Chamber of Commerce about donating for Perchville was discussed.  Michelle Crossley made and Sue Kingsbury seconded a motion to table until next year.  It should be brought up in maybe September for discussion on what the library could do that stays within our mission for the family tent.

C.             Thank you’s were received and read from the Quota Club for participation in the Trivia night and from the Red Cross for the book coupons that are given at the blood drives.  Bunny Reder will no longer be in charge. 

D.             Bookers was cancelled for December and the January meeting was cancelled because of the holidays. 

E.              Sue and Betty Kingsbury will clean the bookstore in December and Marie Girard  will clean it in January.

F.              Book Store volunteer schedule: Bookstore workers:  December 6th – Vicki Van Sipe and Tara Western; December 13th Lou Ann Banning; December 20th -  Lynn Bigelow; December 27th – Betty and Sue Kingsbury;  January 3rd – Deb DeBois; January 10th – Vicki Van Sipe; January 17th – Shelley Crossley; January 24th – Marie Girard; January 31st – Deb DeBois and February 7th – Lynn Bigelow.

G.                Tawas Bay Bookers – Wednesday, January 21st will be chaired by Sue & Betty Kingsbury.  Socializing @ 5:30 – book talk @ 6 pm.

VII      Member Comments/Suggestions  - Sue Kingsbury will start on Monday, December 8th cleaning out the cupboards.  Some discussion was held about the upcoming tax program. 

VIII     The next meeting will be Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 5 pm.

IX        Michelle Crossley made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Sharon Bird.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:35 pm.   


            Respectfully submitted,


            Lou Ann Banning