Minutes of the meeting of the Tawas City Library Friends

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Our Library – “Almost Barnes and Noble”





Attending:  (11) Lou Ann Banning, Marie Girard, JoAnne Hlinka, Sue Minns, Barbara Ritsema, Lynn Bigelow, Vicki VanSipe, Betty Kingsbury, Sue Kingsbury, Terri Stein, Shelly Crossley.


I           Called to order at 5 pm by Marie Girard.

II         Sue Minns made a motion to accept agenda, seconded by Betty Kingsbury. Motion carried.


III        Minutes of the March 6, 2014 meeting were presented.  Motion made by Joanne Hlinka, second by Sue Kingsbury to accept the minutes.  Motion carried.


IV        Treasurer’s Report was presented by Joanne Hlinka.  There is a $2.00 increase on bookstore income.  Lou Ann Banning made a motion to accept the report, seconded by Shelly Crossley.  Motion carried. 


V.        Old Business  

A.        1000 Letters Home Program is on Thursday, May 8th.  The VFW Color Guard has agreed to carry flags in.  We will wait on the advertising to see how many Veterans sign up.  Some discussion followed.  We will finalize refreshments, etc. at the May 1st meeting.

B.        2014 Spring/Summer Booksales Bookmark was discussed.  It was passed around and all liked the design.  100 will be ordered for now.  The sales are on July 12th and August 9th at Farmer’s Market wherever that may be this year. 

C.        Hot Reads for Cold Nights – Book Shelf Bingo – We had 9 entries and the winner was Connie Novak.  Betty Kingsbury was the Friends winner.  She donated the $25 Walmart card back to the Friends.  It was agreed that we will do it again next year.  We might want to start sooner so that the snowbirds can start before they leave.

D.        Open House/Grant Programs – The Open House was a success as was the Antique Roadshow on the 29th.  All agreed that we should get Mr. Ramsey back again next year.    

E.         World Book Night is on April 23rd at Tawas Do It Center.  Shelly Crossley will help Sue Kingsbury.  They will wear aprons and have a sign stating who they are.  Marie will talk to Michael Jacot to see what we can get quickly and maybe an idea for a more permanent one to display at the booksales, etc.

F.         Thanks to all March bookstore workers and cleaners and all who volunteered at the Open House and Roadshow.


VI        New Business

A.                Book Page Renewal had to decide on tonight.  Lou Ann Banning made a motion to send in the $300 for renewal, Betty Kingsbury seconded.  Motion carried.

B.                 Junk in the Trunk/Mini Book Sale – Discussion followed, it was agreed by all that we will do the booksale on the patio with 3 tables only if the weather is good.  The vendors for Junk in the Trunk must pay ahead of time.  We only have 15 spots so we are only going to do any free advertising on the local radio stations.

C.                 Sue Kingsbury suggested that we might want to consider a wireless microphone for our programs and even the Booked for Lunch.  Marie did some investigating and found one for approx. $114. Discussion followed and it was decided that this was an excellent use of our funds  Betty Kingsbury made a motion to spend up to $150, Joanne Hlinka seconded the motion and the motion carried.

D.                Book Store Procedures – this was a discussion about “swapping” books which we do not do.  There is a sign in the bookstore that indicates this.  They cannot take books without a contribution.  We will hold the books for them for a week.  If anyone makes you uncomfortable about any of our procedures, ask for a name and phone number and the President will call them.   

E.                 National Library Week – No events this year planned due to all the other things we have been working on.  We will start earlier next year.

F.                  Bookstore cleaning volunteers: April – Joanne Hlinka, May – Tara Western.

G.                Bookstore volunteers:  April 5th – Kingsbury Ladies; April 12th – Lou Ann  Banning; April 19th – Joanne Hlinka; April 26th – Vicki VanSipe; and May  3rd Sue Minns and Marie Girard.  We will schedule the rest of May at the May 1st meeting.  Snowbirds might want to participate.  We will start our summer schedule with two workers.

H.                Tawas Bay Bookers will meet on Wednesday, April 23rd, Marie will be host and we will meet at Hsings. Socializing starts at 5:30 pm.  – book talk begins @ 6 pm.


VII      Members Comments and Suggestions.  Marie indicated that we had received two thank you notes, one from Lynn Bigelow from IDAF for our donation of $300 for the summer reading program and one from Bunny Reder from American Red Cross for the 100 coupons for free books.


VIII     Sue Kingsbury made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Shelly Crossley.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:00.  Next meeting will be on Thursday, May 1st.


            Respectfully submitted,


            Lou Ann Banning